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Render Payment provides standard and cryptocurrency payment processing services for high risk and high volume merchants.

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An innovative solution for

Cost-effective merchant services for the high risk market

When a mainstream business is perceived by payment processors as being susceptible to fraud, chargebacks, and refunds, they are labeled as being high risk. They need reliable merchant payment services that are affordable, easy for customers to use, and above all—secure. To learn how you can buy bitcoin in a few minutes using Paypal visit https://coincierge.de/bitcoin-kaufen-paypal/.

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The Render Payment Solution offers merchants a stable, reduced cost, low charge back methodology of exchanging goods and services while the consumer utilizes traditional means of payment such as debit and credit cards. Its ease of implementation combined with maximum security are some of the underlying strengths of the token ecosystem. The blockchain enables the development of a full spectrum of wallets, escrow and shopping services that will give consumers and businesses choices not currently present in their industry. Download Whitepaper for more information

Render Payment offers

Low Cost

Low cost merchant services for businesses in standard and high risk markets around the globe

Broad Accessibility

A merchant processing solution with major online shopping carts as well as the world’s leading accounting packages

High Security

Access to one of the world’s most secure cryptocurrency wallets

High Protection

Transactions conducted in cryptocurrency manually and using automated trading apps like bitcoinera.app to protect customers’ personal data

Our Industry Partners

Render Payment has true partners that currently process orders in eight different markets within the cannabis industry. They have global distribution channels directly into the heart of the market and operate on five continents in 13 different countries, maintaining more than 40,000 business contacts, 6 million standard contacts, and the ability to provide services to over 1 billion potential customers

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Interested in Render? Test our shopping cart & payment gateway

Render Payment makes accepting payment easy for you and your customers. Our checkout process is familiar, secure, and transparent.

Request a demo and get:

  • Access to an interactive site that shows exactly what your customer will see
  • A real-time demo of the conversion & payment process without a credit card
  • Unlimited, anonymous testing of the Render Payment Merchant System

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