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Render Payment Announces AirDrop to Begin in 24 Hours

April 19, 2018

Render Payment announced today that its announced Airdrop will commence tomorrow, April 20, 2018. Based upon the overwhelming response, HitBTC will airdrop 10 million RPM tokens to 100,000 account holders in HitBTC. Eric Jaffe, Render Payment’s Chief Marketing Officer stated, “Since our announcement of an airdrop one week ago, we have received numerous request to participate in the airdrop, while HitBTC is receiving new enrollees everyday. HitBTC has heard this request. HitBTC will double the number of airdrops we originally planned from 50,000 to 100,000 individuals. We increased the number of tokens to be airdropped from 5 million RPM tokens to 10 million RPM tokens.”

Eric went on to say, “We have been making long strides in our progression as one of the leading premiere services available in the token markets as well as tradition merchant services. We will continue to expand our products and services to meet the continual rising demands of our business community.”

With current management in Europe discussing our services and products, we anticipate further expansion into the European markets in the very near future.

We encourage everyone to continue to monitor our social media sites for further information.

About Render Payment

Render Payment is poised to provide merchant services to high-risk merchants by merging blockchain technology and ease-of-use payment solutions.  The high-risk markets globally are projected at $375-500 billion per year, expanding over 1,000 industries.  Our team brings a well-balanced mix of seasoned professionals with network security, IT, financial, IPO, ICO, blockchain, and marketing backgrounds, who have joined together to solve the problem shared by all high-risk industries. Visit us at

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