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Render Payment Announces Upcoming AirDrop

April 13, 2018

Render Payment announced today that HitBTC intends to airdrop 5 million RPM tokens to 50,000 individuals, increasing Render Payment’s user base 500 times over. Eric Jaffe, Render Payment’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “The RPM airdrop will create a community network of people who will be introduced to our business operations. The airdrop has always been an important part of our marketing awareness for the RPM token and our distribution of information concerning our services. We believe this will plant a seed that will encourage folks to come check us out and follow our progress as we continue to roll out improvements to our processing system.”

Render Payment has been negotiating with HitBTC over the specifics of the airdrop and the process to ensure they are including the best target of individuals in the airdrop; those that understand the Render Payment model and are most likely to follow our growth. The airdrop will be to HitBTC account holders. We encourage everyone interested in participating in this airdrop to sign up with HitBTC and engage us on our social media platforms. Render Payment will announce the airdrop date and time 24 hours before the actual event on its social media platforms. We encourage everyone to continue to monitor our social media sites for further information.

About Render Payment

Render Payment is poised to provide merchant services to high-risk merchants by merging blockchain technology and ease-of-use payment solutions.  The high-risk markets globally are projected at $375-500 billion per year, expanding over 1,000 industries.  Our team brings a well-balanced mix of seasoned professionals with network security, IT, financial, IPO, ICO, blockchain, and marketing backgrounds, who have joined together to solve the problem shared by all high-risk industries. Visit us at

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