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Render Payment Expands Base of Merchant Services Offered

April 15, 2018

Render Payment has expanded its merchant services program to include traditional, high risk, and cryptocurrency merchant services. Eric Jaffe, the company’s Chief Operating Officer stated, “While we are highly committed to the advancement of cryptocurrency as the preferred method of transacting business in today’s economy, we understand the need and reservations of some market leaders and banks whose transition to the new way of conducting business will take a little more time. This means we must offer current services utilizing standard protocols of current merchant services process while integrating them into and in conjunction with our cryptocurrency.” Render believes this integration will streamline the conversion process as more and more services convert to the most secure, private, and personal merchant service solution possible.

Our staff has spent the past several months working on the user interface and customer protocols to make the use of our system as simplistic as possible. Render Payment has recently increased its development team by over 600% in personnel. Our primary focus since our last technical update has been on integrating a 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) into our administrative and vendor login experiences. Enanching database security protocols and re-coding our SQL environment over to a high-availability multi-instance database cluster. On the blockchain side our developers have been working on integrating the HITBTC token pricing API structures into our check out functions to provide up to the second pricing of RPM as part of the overall check out experience.

About Render Payment

Render Payment is poised to provide merchant services to high-risk merchants by merging blockchain technology and ease-of-use payment solutions.  The high-risk markets globally are projected at $375-500 billion per year, expanding over 1,000 industries.  Our team brings a well-balanced mix of seasoned professionals with network security, IT, financial, IPO, ICO, blockchain, and marketing backgrounds, who have joined together to solve the problem shared by all high-risk industries. Visit us at

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