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Render Payment’s Public Business Development Update

March 13, 2018

Jacksonville, USA, March 13, 2018: Render Payment’s management updates the public on its business development. Christian Rishel, the company’s CEO stated, “We have come a long way in a short time. Several major steps have been taken since the conclusion of our ICO. We are on pace with our goals and expectations.”

Render Payment RPM Token Merchant Services Platform

In conjunction with the standard merchant services provided by Render Payment, we have been on a continuous path of testing and development of our RPM token fueled merchant services. With the blockchain technology utilized in our merchant system we will be able to i) reduce cost on both sides (customers and vendors); ii) provide additional securities and assurances within a transaction; and iii) streamline and simplify user interface. With Alpha Testing underway, we are confident that our new system will be launched within the second quarter of this year.

Worldwide and US Merchant Services Expansions

Render Payment seeks its money transmitter licenses in all 50 states and several international markets. The process of obtaining these licenses vary among the states and countries. Render is positioned to meet all expectations to acquire such licensures granting the ability to transact merchant processing throughout the world.

Render Payments Interactive Website

Render Payment launched its new state of the art, interactive website, expanding on the ability to register for merchant services online. We encourage everyone to take a look.

Contracts and Sign-ups

While still currently under agreement with the various entities projecting over $30M in merchant services requirements annually, we continue to receive additional request for inclusion in our upcoming beta testing. Based upon current request for services, Render should see continued growth during the final testing phase of its merchant services solution. The $2M in revenue during the final quarter of 2017, causes a favorable projection of upwards of $57M in merchant services processing.

About Render Payment

Render Payment is poised to provide merchant services to high-risk merchants by merging blockchain technology and ease-of-use payment solutions. The high-risk markets globally are projected at $375-500 billion per year, expanding over 1,000 industries. Our team brings a well-balanced mix of seasoned professionals with network security, IT, financial, IPO, ICO, blockchain, and marketing backgrounds, who have joined together to solve the problem shared by all high-risk industries.


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