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Payment Processing

Render Payment isn’t just another payment processor. Through Render Payment you receive:
  • The opportunity of low cost merchant services for businesses in standard and high risk markets globally
  • Access to one of the world’s most secure wallets
  • A merchant processing solution with major online shopping carts as well as the world’s leading accounting packages
  • Access to crypto-currency commerce and trade
When a customer enters an order, the order is delivered to the merchant. The order is processed in a specific format to the issuing bank (actual bank or credit card–Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) through a gateway. Next, the issuing bank approves or denies the transaction. Banks have the ability to arbitrarily approve or deny transactions with no specific standard of reason.

Finally, once the issuing bank approves a transaction the business is notified of the approval. Separately, the issuing bank notifies the receiving bank of the availability of the funds.

Render Payment Services

We are able to provide payment processing through the Ethereum blockchain technology. The transaction goes directly from the customer to the merchant, excluding the intermediaries and saving merchants extensive money and time. However, not only the payment method changes. Contradictory to existing payment options, payment and settlement occur simultaneously and instantaneously. One step and it’s done! Since the payment now goes directly from the client to the merchant, instead of waiting for weeks to see the funds, now it arrives instantaneously after the purchase regardless of where the purchase was made.
The Render Payment Token (RPM) will be an Ethereum ERC20 based token of value. Tokens are a digital asset, bearing value by themselves through their underlying assets, properties and/or rights.
It is critical to understand that Render Payment is not a marketplace like Ebay, Amazon or others. Render Payment provides a technological tool for the independent merchants who desire an alternative or who have a need for a high-risk alternative.
Yes. Merchants that complete our screening process can be large or small and located anywhere. Render Payment processing plus a decentralized trust and reputation system also works both in e-commerce and in retail.
The Render Payment Shopping Network will be the first exclusive online cryptocurrency shopping network in the world. The only source of payment will be registered cryptocurrencies. All vendors on our shopping network will accept the cryptocurrencies registered with Render Payment’s exchange and will provide digital to real world solutions, bringing into mainstream the business of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Wallets

A crypto wallet is created automatically for every merchant that registers with “Render Payment”. A merchant doesn’t need to have a separate wallet to accept “Render Payment” payments.
No. Merchants who process their payments through Render Payment can accept payments with any Ethereum wallet.


No. This is one of the strengths of decentralized trust and reputation system compared to centralized reputation system provider. We have a durable merchant screening procedure to ensure only trustworthy merchants can use Render Payment.
Each transaction, retail or e-commerce, provokes the blockchain to record transaction timestamp, both accepting and sending wallet addresses, warranty conditions, delivery time, and all other necessary information ensuring the trust in different countries. All of the collected information is then encrypted and only available to authorized users through a simplified user interface. Then, clients and merchants have the ability to submit and close claims, rate each other, etc. A default trust rating is applied to first time platform users. The trust rating is assigned to specific wallet address. Each transaction, registered claim, resolved or unsolved (according to the purchase details), review, etc., the smart contract will automatically change the trust level for each wallet address involved.

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