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Render Payment Token Sale
400 Million Total Tokens Available During ICO

  1. TIER 1
    $0.10 / RPM
  2. TIER 2
    $0.13 / RPM
  3. TIER 3
    $0.16 / RPM
  4. TIER 4
    $0.19 / RPM
  5. TIER 5
    $0.22 / RPM
  6. TIER 6
    $0.25 / RPM

  1. Oct 7th
    (11:59 EST)
  2. Oct 16th

  3. Oct 25th

  4. Nov 3rd

  5. Nov 12th

  6. Nov 21th

  7. Nov 30th

Current Distribution
Eth Received
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  • Company Inception (January 2017)
    Formation of LLC (June 2017)

    Render Payment was founded because the cannabis industry was faced with a need for reliable, secure, low cost merchant services and we quickly realized many high risk industries had the same need.

  • Development of WooCommerce Shopping Cart Payment Gateway (June 2017)

    Beta Testing Merchant Solution Module including Merchant Dashboard (View Live Demo)

  • ICO (October 2017)

    Funds received from the crowd sale will be used to finance operational Infrastructure, continued product development, and industry acquisitions.

  • Shopping Cart Payment
    Gateway Integration

    Develop a fully functional payment gateway solution including: osCommerce, Open Cart, Zen Cart, Drupal/Ubercart, X-Cart, Magento, Shopify, Wix, and 3D Cart

  • Accounting System Payment
    Gateway Integration

    Quickbooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP

  • Render Payment Wallets

    Development of a personal, mobile, and enterprise grade wallets. Email address and contact list driven.

  • P2P Escrow Services

    Render Payment trading mediation of crypto currency, and digital assets between two parties. To include titles, deeds and contracts.

  • Rewards Program

    A rewards program for Render Payment members to shop across the entire Render Payment Merchant Network.

  • Render Payment Exchange “Overwatch”

    A medium of exchange using cryptography to secure transactions and to allow members and merchants to transition in and out of the market, or to convert to additional alt-coin offerings.

  • Render Payment Debit Card Network

    A multi-national real world network supporting the use of ATM based debit cards to retrieve funds after they are converted to fiat via the Overwatch Exchange.

  • SDK and API Integration

    Development of Software Development Kit and Applications Programming Interface for custom integration solutions.

Meet Render Payment.

The future.

We currently offer merchants a fully compliant, user friendly solution to accept Credit and Debit Cards through traditional Merchant Card Processing networks or the block chain.

Your customers deserve the best experience you can offer. Whether you operate online, in store, or delivery, Render Payment offers standard and crypto currency payment solutions you and your customers want.

“I have spent the last 12 years of my life working with POS merchant services in person or an online equivalent. The main aspect of the Render Payment system is how simple it is to use. The amount of value the service would have to every business using a point of sale service system, web merchant API, and Square Pay system is nearly impossible to put a dollar value on. The niche oppressed markets it is perfectly capable of serving is a game changer in and of itself.”
Luke Jenkins (ICO Analyst to John McAfee)