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A new approach for

Payment processing that is both stable and secure

Under the current payment processing system, a customer’s order comes to the merchant’s environment through a digital process and is sent to a cybersource. The cybersource then reformats the information so it can be processed in a specific format to an issuing bank (which could be an actual bank or credit card) through a gateway. The issuing bank approves or denies the transaction. This determination is not always based on whether funds are available. Issuing banks can arbitrarily decide what products are acceptable or not and deny a transaction based on that decision.

Render Payment’s patent-pending platform creates a direct link between businesses and their customers. We use strict rules and protocols to ensure security and protect the rights of businesses and customers, but we do not base transaction approvals on the type of goods, services, or businesses involved. Our payment processing system is based on relying on financial review to determine whether a transaction should be approved.

Merchant Payment Solutions

In addition to the security and freedom to buy and sell perfectly legal products and services without higher processing costs or transaction denial rates, Render Payment offers a unique set of marketing-leading solutions:

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Payment Gateway

This flexible shopping cart payment gateway offers simple analytics and many apps, so it’s flexible for you. It’s also used by over 28% of online stores, so it’s familiar for your customers.

Accounting System Integration

With Quickbooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP.

Secure Wallets

Our virtual wallet provides an instant snapshot of RPM holdings with features that integrate cryptocurrency into real-world life. Customers can also view accounts in real time from their mobile device with an additional layer of security that records and verifies the integrity of the device.

Render Payment Shopping Network

The first exclusive online cryptocurrency shopping network in the world with the only source of payment being registered cryptocurrencies. The shopping network includes a built-in loyalty program with rewards that can be used for purchases in the network or transferred out to any ERC20 wallet.

Peer-to-Peer Escrow Services

Trade directly with another trusted individual without third-party intervention. All interactions will be managed by pre-programmed software for secure transactions that utilize decentralization philosophies and privacy measures.

CMS Module for Brick-and-Mortar POS Systems

Offering the same functionality as our online merchant payment system, the CMS module allows you to accept payments in your brick-and-mortar store.

Overwatch Exchange

A digital marketplace where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies can transact business, the Overwatch Exchange will work like a traditional stock exchange. Traders are able to input a market order or limited order to buy or sell their cryptocurrencies.

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