Team Members

Our team has a wide array of experience in technology, business operations and marketing.


Christian Rishel

Chief Executive Officer | Partner

Christian Rishel is a Founder and Director with more than 25 years experience in computer programming, marketing, international business, and project management. Christian is a visionary that disrupts current trends and practices, orchestrating new and improved operations to create maximum effect of change. Mr. Rishel’s earliest endeavor in social media led to the sale of intellectual property designs to Skype, a leader in developing communication protocols allowing for worldwide connectivity via the Internet. Christian holds multiple process and product patents, trademarks, and intellectual properties. Mr. Rishel’s skills have been utilized in multiple incubation scenarios and the conversion of private-to-public transitions.

Michael Hawkins

Chief Financial Officer | Partner

Selected as 2017 Top 100 CFO’s by Monthly Finance Magazine, and a published writer, Mr. Hawkins brings expertise to external financial reporting and controls, treasury, corporate finance, and capital market activities for Render Payment. During his military career, Mr. Hawkins provided financial oversight for sixteen Non-Appropriated Fund Activities. Previously he was a Fund Manager, and served as CEO, COO, or CFO of six Nano Cap companies in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Hawkins has an administrative and financial background and before moving into his senior administrative positions, he worked as a Human Resource Manager, Office Manager, budget analyst, and financial advisor. .


Eric Jaffe

Chief Operating Officer | Partner

Eric has served in a variety of leadership capacities over the course of his career. Most recently as the CEO and founder of the Integrity Service Group which has consistently ranked in the top 5 IT Managed Services Providers in the Jacksonville, FL area. Prior to that he served as the Director of Information Systems at Rogers Towers, Jacksonville’s largest and most prestigious law firm. He got his start as a Senior Systems Engineer at Steel, Hector, and Davis LLP a 10 office 500+ user law firm based out of Miami. He has a degree in Business Management from Florida International University, is an ordained minister, and holds various technological certifications. Eric is very active in business and social sectors.


Robert Adams

Chief Information Officer | Partner

Robert has over 25 years of serving the public and private sectors across multiple areas of technology resulting in the acquisition of skills and experiences needed for effective IT leadership. Robert is an IT Leader with a proven track record of transforming organizational outcomes through productive and responsive operational teams, efficient processes and world class culture. Robert holds active CISSP, CCNP, MCITP, MCSE, ITILv3, and a host of other security and industry-related certifications.


Adam Hardegree

Webmaster & Media

Adam has over ten years experience in graphics and website design. As an innovator and self-proclaimed “against the average thinker,” he is always on the hunt for new and original solutions to design. Adam uses design to engage, empower, and educate across print, screen, and space. His skills have been used for many businesses and programs by way of design. He strives to keep the design simple, so the vision and concept of the goal are concise and not clouded. Adam has led several start-up businesses.


Carl Hawkins

Corporate Counsel

Mr. Hawkins has served as a corporate counsel liaison for publicly and privately traded companies through his internship with Arcadier & Associates. He worked diligently in developing and securing intellectual property rights for companies, while providing oversight for brand protection across three continents and 18 countries. Mr. Hawkins has a keen business sense due to his history of entrepreneurship. Although his legal career has just begun, he has worked with securities attorneys, intellectual property attorneys, sports and entertainment attorneys, and with general counsel to solve many different aspects of matters which have equipped him with the tools to be corporate counsel for multiple growing companies.


Jacqueline Ottosen

Media Relations

Jacqueline has more than 15 years of leadership, technical, and instructional experience contributing greatly to her role in Render Payment. Jacqueline holds two master’s degrees including Curriculum as well as in Administration and Supervision. In addition to the aforementioned experience, she has a strong background in Social Media Marketing, Networking, and publication. She has worked alongside of businesses to develop public relations, expand usage and create the most effective applications necessary for productive and successful major endeavors. She served in a leadership capacity on multiple advisory boards for both public and private business sectors, spanning several market verticals..