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2017 was a banner year for Render Payment as we moved from concept to forming a corporation. We then began development on our WooCommerce Cart Integration followed by a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO). On March 1st, 2018 the RPM token went on the HitBTC and we currently find ourselves working on our first milestone. The road map below is meant to give a glimpse of the development priorities and system upgrades that are meant to enhance the overall experience of our merchants and end-users. Our timeline is meant to ensure that our ecosystem remains relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

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Stage 1

Company Inception (January 2017), Formation of LLC (June 2017)

Stage 2

Development of WooCommerce Shopping Cart Payment Gateway (June 2017)

Stage 3

ICO (October 2017 – December 2017)

Milestone #1

Shopping Cart Payment Gateway Integration

Develop a fully functional payment gateway solution including:

Milestone #2

Render Payment Wallets

Milestone #3

Accounting System Payment Gateway Integration

Milestone #4

P2P Escrow Services

Milestone #5

Rewards Program

Milestone #6

Render Payment Exchange ”Overwatch“

Milestone #7

Render Payment Debit Card Network

Milestone #8

SDK and API Integration

Stop paying high prices for payment processing services.

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